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How much does it cost to use my borderless account?

Your borderless account is:

- Completely free to set up.
- Free to get your bank details (account numbers and bank codes for USD, GBP, EUR and AUD).
- Free to receive money using your bank details in US, UK, Eurozone and Australia.
- Free to add money to your account by bank transfer.

There’s a cheap, transparent fee to convert between currencies (e.g. 0.35% from GBP to EUR) in your account.

There’s a cheap, fixed fee (e.g. 50p for GBP) to send or withdraw money from your Borderless Account to another bank account in the same currency.

We guarantee you always get the real exchange rate, and that our fees are clear and transparent, shown up front so there are no surprises. 

These are the lowest fees we can offer to cover costs and we’re committed to lowering them as soon as we can.

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