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How much does it cost to convert between currencies?

You can convert currencies in your borderless account in seconds. You’ll always get the mid-market rate, like you see on Google, with no sneaky markups. You just pay our low, transparent conversion fees, always shown up front so there’s no surprises. 

Here’s a list of our most popular currency conversion fees.

You can find all fees on our pricing page.
From Currency To Currency Fee
GBP EUR 0.35%
EUR GBP 0.5%
GBP USD 0.4%
EUR USD 0.5%
USD GBP 0.85%
USD INR 0.7%
EUR INR 0.7%
GBP AUD 0.45%
CHF EUR 0.5%
BRL EUR 2.5%
AUD GBP 0.7%
AUD EUR 0.7% under $10,000 AUD
0.5% for everything over $10,000 AUD
USD INR 0.9%

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