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How much does it cost to convert between currencies?

When you convert between currencies in your borderless account, we'll only charge you our normal conversion fee, but we don't apply our minimum fee. (For transfers from GBP, we don't have minimum fees anymore anyway!)

As an example, if you make a transfer from EUR to GBP, the fee would be 2€ for anything under 400€, and 0.5% for anything over 400€.

When you convert money from EUR to GBP in your borderless account, the conversion fee is always 0.5%, no matter what the amount.

Here are a few examples of our conversion fees. You can find all fees on our pricing page.
From Currency To Currency Fee
GBP EUR 0.35%
EUR GBP 0.5%
GBP USD 0.4%
EUR USD 0.5%
USD GBP 0.85%
EUR INR 0.7%
GBP AUD 0.45%
CHF EUR 0.5%
AUD GBP 0.7%
AUD EUR 0.7%
USD INR 0.9%

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