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NZD Guaranteed Rate

If you're making a transfer from New Zealand, you'll get either a 1 working day, or 2 working day, guaranteed rate. This means the rate is locked until the same time on the next working day, or in 2 working days. 

As an example, if you create a transfer at 9am on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your rate is locked until 9am on Monday (with 1 working day rate) or Tuesday (with 2 working day rate).

You'll get a 1 working day guaranteed rate when making transfers to:
  • CAD
  • CZK
  • DKK
  • HUF
  • NOK
  • PLN
  • SEK
  • SGD
And it's 2 working days for transfers to:
  • AUD
  • CHF
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • USD
  • INR
  • BRL
This means your money needs to reach us within the specified time for your guaranteed rate.

If your money doesn't reach us within the specified time, or the money you send isn't the full amount required for your transfer, your rate is no longer guaranteed. The rate for your transfer will be the mid-market rate at the time of conversion.

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