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Why can't I get USD account details?

Due to local regulations and partner requirements, we can't currently offer US account details to US residents, but we're currently working on making this possible.

Also, due to partner requirements you can only get USD Borderless account details in the following countries:
All EEA countries (excluding Cyprus) Canada Guyana Morocco Saint Vincent and Grenadines
Aland Islands Christmas Island Haiti Nauru Saint-Berthelemy
American Samoa Cocos (Keeling) Islands Holy See (Vatican City) Nepal Saint-Martin (French)
Andorra Cook Islands Indonesia New Caledonia San Marino
Anguilla Costa Rica Isle of Man Niue Sao Tome and Principe
Antarctica Dominica Israel Norfolk Island Seychelles
Armenia Dominican Republic Jamaica Palau Singapore
Aruba Faroe Islands Jersey Paraguay South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Australia Fiji Malaysia Peru South Korea
Bahamas French Guinea Marshall Islands Philippines Suriname
Barbados French Polynesia Martinique Pitcairn Switzerland
Benin French Southern Territories Mayotte Puerto Rico Taiwan
Bermuda Georgia Micronesia Reunion Thailand
Bhutan Greenland Monaco Saint Helena Turks and Caicos Islands
British Indian Ocean Territory Grenada Mongolia Saint Kitts and Nevis United Arab Emirates
British Virgin Islands Guadeloupe Montenegro Saint Lucia Uruguay
Brunei Guernsey Montserrat Saint Pierre and Miquelon  

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