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Can I receive wages into my borderless account?

You can receive wages into your borderless account if you use your AUD, GBP, NZD, EUR or USD details.

If you're being paid in Euros from a company in Europe or elsewhere, you can receive regular bank transfers into your borderless account. The account that the money is being sent from must be denominated in EUR.

This is also the case if you're being paid in US Dollars via ACH or domestic wire from an account within the US. You can also receive payments sent internationally through the SWIFT network and from within the supported countries.

Within the UK, you can receive wages that are paid into your GBP Borderless account via FPS (Faster Payments Scheme), CHAPS or the BACS system.

You can receive AUD bank transfers from within Australia too. Please note we can't currently accept transfers from any Superannuation Funds.

You can receive NZD bank transfers from within New Zealand.

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