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How can I withdraw or transfer money from my borderless account?

TransferWise borderless account holders in the UK and EEA can now spend and withdraw money with the TransferWise debit Mastercard, except those living in Ireland, Greece and Norway.

To withdraw or transfer money from your borderless account, select a currency that you have a balance in, and click the Send button. You'll be prompted to enter an amount, choose a recipient and input a reference for your payment.

You need to add the details of the person that you wish to send money to on the Recipient page on your profile before you send the money from your borderless account.

You can't use your USD Borderless details to make direct debits, bill payments, or any withdrawal payment to another company as this doesn't yet work from our borderless account. Other currencies borderless details (EUR, GBP and AUD) can't be used to make debits as well.

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