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How can I export statements?

If you want to export statements for Xero, you can now connect your TransferWise and Xero accounts for automatic syncing.

If you need to export PDF or CSV statements for another reason, here’s how.

Manually export statements on the website

1. Click on the Balances tab
2. Click on the currency you want a statement for 
3. Click on More, then Download a statement
4. Choose the date range you want
5. Choose PDF or CSV format. Only CSV statements can be uploaded to Xero.

At the moment, you can't generate a statement for periods longer than 100 days. If you need to set a bigger timeframe, please create several statements.

Manually export statements on the iOS app

1. Go to your Account tab
2. Click on the currency you want a statement for
3. Click on the top right corner, then Get a statement

You can only download a PDF of the last month’s statement via our app. We're launching this feature on our Android app soon.

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