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How can I export statements?

You can download PDF statements or CSV accounting software-compatible statements for every currency you have activated or hold a balance in.

On the website
  • click on the Balances tab
  • click on the currency you want a statement for 
  • click on More, then Download a statement
  • choose the date range you want*
  • choose PDF or CSV ** format

* Please note you cannot currently generate a statement for a period longer than 100 days. If you need to set a bigger timeframe, please create several statements.

** CSV statements can be uploaded to Xero.

On the iOS app*
  • go to your Account tab
  • click on the currency you want a statement for
  • click on the top right corner, then Get a statement
  • you can only download a PDF of the last month’s statement via our app

*We'll be launching this feature on our Android app as well.


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