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Borderless account pricing

In the table below, you'll see where and how much you'll be charged in fees for your TransferWise borderless account

There’s no monthly fee and you can find the pricing related to receiving, converting and sending money below. 
What it is What it means Cost
Opening a borderless account Your online account and everything it comes with. Free
Monthly/annual account fees We never lock you into any contract or subscription, and we never will. Free
40+ currency balances Hold money in up to 40+ currencies in your account. Free
International bank details (AUD, EUR, GBP, USD) Four sets of bank details to receive Australian dollars, euros, pounds and American dollars. Free
Receive money using your international bank details Receive local currency payments using your borderless bank details. Free
Add money Add money for free with our Low Cost option, or quickly with our Fast & Easy option. Learn more here.
Low Cost: free

Fast & Easy: varies from 0.15 - 0.25%
Convert between currencies in your account Always with the real exchange rate guaranteed, and our low, transparent conversion fees. Conversion fees
Send or withdraw money It's free to send money from one borderless account to another. And there's a small fixed fee to send money from your borderless account to a bank account. Fixed fees
Paying with my TransferWise debit card There's no fee to pay with your debit card using your balances. Free
Local payment methods You can add money to your account using:
  • Direct debit (Canada)
  • ACH debit (US)
  • iDeal (Netherlands)
  • Sofort (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain)
  • Trustly (some Spanish, Finnish and Estonian banks)
  • SEPA Direct debit (Germany)
  • Poli (Australia) 



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