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Verification for transfers from AUD

If you’re sending money from AUD you’ll need to be verified before using TransferWise. We use a few different methods for this, and these vary depending on where you’re sending from and how much you transfer.

Our main methods in Australia are ID verification and interactive verification. You can see the details of ID verification here.

For interactive verification, instead of uploading an image of your document, you’re verified by only entering your document details.

Document details that are currently accepted are:
Australian Passport number 
Australian Drivers Licence number
Foreign Passports number with an Australian Working Visa

The full name and date of birth should match those on your TransferWise profile.

We don’t need to verify your address if you’re sending money from Australia, but we may need to if you send from another currency. And if you’re an Australian business, we may need proof of ID and proof of address for all the shareholders (who hold 25% or more), directors and executives of your company.

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