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Micro Deposits

When you set up an ACH bank debit for your USD transfer, we need to verify that your bank account belongs to you. Sometimes this is not possible while setting up your bank debit. This often happens with smaller banks and credit unions as we do not always receive the required information.

You can still continue to set up ACH bank debits for your transfers. We have an alternative method that you can use to verify your bank account; micro deposits.


Verifying your bank account with micro deposits


1. When paying for a transfer you set up via ACH bank debit, and if it's not possible to verify your bank account as explained above, our system will mention that. We'll then send two micro deposits to your bank account (between $0.01-$0.99). It can take up to 2 business days for these to arrive to your account after you have entered the details.

2. When these arrive to your bank account, you’ll need to log in to your TransferWise profile. Click on your transfer and enter these two separate amounts. 

3. Click on ‘Enter Amounts’. This will reveal a screen where you should enter the value of the two deposits that have arrived to you. Once you click ‘Verify and Pay for my Transfer’, we’ll check these against the micro deposits that we sent to your account. 

If the two amounts that we sent you match the amounts that you have entered, we’ll continue with your transfer. This means that we will wait for the ACH bank debit to clear to our account and your transfer will continue. 

4. We only need to verify your bank account once per recipient. If you wish to send to a new recipient, you will need to verify the bank account once more if you wish to pay via ACH bank debit.

You can read more about ACH bank debit here.


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