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Batch Payments

What is a batch payment?
A batch payment allows you to create and send many transfers in one go by uploading a batch file. You can then make a single payment to TransferWise to fund all transfers in the batch. A batch payment is perfect if you are creating lots of transfers to, for example, affiliates, freelancers, customers or employees.

How do I create a batch payment?
Creating a batch payment is easy.  Below is an overview of what you will need to do:
  1. Download a batch template file 
  2. Open the batch file in spreadsheet editor and add your transfers
  3. Save and upload your batch file
  4. Review your batch
  5. Pay for your batch

What are batch templates?
Batch templates are downloadable .CSV (comma separated value) files that you can open in with a spreadsheet app, like Microsoft Excel and populate with up to 1,000 transfers.
  • Saved recipients templateThis template is pre-filled with all your saved TransferWise recipients.  You simply add the transfer details for each you wish to pay and delete those you don’t need. You cannot send money to new recipients with this template.
  • Add recipient details yourself - This template allows you to add both recipient and transfer details for new and existing recipients. You can only send money to a single currency with this template.
  • Pay to an email -  Coming soon as a template. For now, if you don't know the bank details of any of your batch payment recipients you can - enter their email address in the template, set the amount and currency for your transfer to them, add an additional column called 'type' to your batch template and write in 'EMAIL' as the type for all the transfers to an email address

How do I fill in a batch template?
Open your .CSV (comma separated value) batch file file with a spreadsheet app, like Microsoft Excel.

The first row in the spreadsheet will contain the header columns. Do not modify these column names as doing so will make the file invalid. Simply add the transfer details for each payment below these columns. Each row in the spreadsheet represents one transfer and you can add up to 1,000 transfers per batch file.

For specific template help, refer to the instructions link provided beside the “download” button. 

Once you’ve finished adding your transfers, save your file as something relevant like “July-transfers” and export as .CSV (comma separated value) format.

Can I pay out to multiple currencies within a batch file?
Yes, you can payout to multiple currencies when using the “Used saved recipients” template. We don’t currently provide a multi-currency template for paying new recipients, however if you wish to create your own, you can. 

How do I upload my batch file?
You can upload your batch file by dragging it into the dotted box on this page or by clicking the “select file” button and selecting it from your device.

I don’t have a batch file, how do I create one?
You will need to return to step one and download a batch template. You can do this by clicking the link next to “Download a batch file” at the top of this page.

I get an error when I upload my batch file? 
If you are receiving an error during the file upload phase then there may be something wrong with your file.  Please check the following:
  • Your file is in .CSV (comma separated value) format
  • Your file size is no larger than 5MB
  • There are no more than 1,000 transfers in your batch file
  • Header row column names have not been modified. 
If you have checked all of the above and still see an error, please contact our business support team.

How do I fix import errors?
Some of your transfers may have failed during import. You can fix these errors by clicking the “Download output file” link.  This will provide you with a duplicate of your original batch file which includes a new column called ‘error message’. Use the information in this column to resolve any transfers that have errors. Then simply save this file and re-upload.

How do I see all created transfers?
Click the “download output file” link at the bottom of this page.  All created transfer will be included in that file.

I can’t resolve the errors in my batch file?
If you are unable to resolve errors in your batch, please contact our business support team. Alternatively, you can continue with the transfers which were successfully created.

Can I rename my batch?
Yes, you can do this by clicking the edit button next to the batch name

How do I setup an excess refund account
Please follow the steps below to setup your account
  • From the TransferWise account page, click on “Recipients”
  • Click “Add your bank account” 
  • Add details for the currency you’re sending money in
  • Click “Mark as primary account to receive [currency]”
  • Re-upload the batch file
Can I apply fee credit to a batch?
If you have free credit on your TransferWise account, it will be applied to your batch automatically.

What is the excess refund amount?
This means we added an extra charge to some transfers, so that we can guarantee your recipient receives exactly what you wanted, even if the exchange rate fluctuates. The extra deposit is 3% of the amount you wanted to send. If the exchange rate changes, we'll use a bit of it to make sure the exact amount arrives, and we'll refund anything we don't use back to you.

When should I pay for my batch?
We recommend you pay for your batch as soon as you can.  We can only send your transfers once you've funded the batch amount.

If for some reason you can't pay in straight away, then your transfer will remain open for a few days before being automatically cancelled by our system. However, for some currency routes, the exchange rate guarantee will expire within 24 hours.

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