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Bank Account Verification

If you make a bank transfer when paying in to TransferWise, we can use this as a method to confirm your identity. As long as your transfer arrives from your own account with your name (as it appears on your profile with us) we'll consider this a first form of identity confirmation.

Your bank transfer needs to come from one of the following currencies:
  • EUR 
  • GBP 
  • PLN 
  • CHF
  • CZK 
  • NOK 
  • DKK 
  • HUF 
  • RON 
  • BGN

Once your transfer is completed and paid out by us to your recipient, as long as all the details matched, then we won't request any ID or address documents for you until your transfers exceed 15,000€ (or equivalent in your currency).

Please note - we cannot use bank account verification for business customers, or if there is any mismatch between the name on your bank account and TransferWise profile.

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