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How do we check your details in order to confirm your Identity?

We ask for your consent so that we can check your details in order to confirm your identity. So that we can do this, we compare your name, address and date of birth against electronic databases through a trusted verification partner.

If the details that you entered on your profile match the records available to us, then we won't need to ask you for any further details. If for any reason the information does not match up, we may need to ask you for some further documentation.We will need to ask you to upload Identification and Address Proof documents. You can read about the requirements for personal verification here.

When we check your details, we do check against some credit databases among others. We don't ever check your credit eligibility, we simply check the personal details that are available there. This will not register on any database as a credit check. It will register that we have checked your personal information and will not affect your credit rating or credit history in any way.

If you do not wish us to check your personal details in this way, we will ask you to verify your ID and address by uploading documents over our secure servers.

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