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Verifying your New Zealand ID

Every customer needs to be verified at some stage when using TransferWise. Part of this verification involves ID verification. You'll need to provide a high quality photo or scan of a valid ID document which shows:
  • Your photo
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your signature
  • An expiry date
  • The full machine readable zone (The two lines of letters and numbers at the bottom of the document)

The full name and date of birth should match those on your TransferWise profile. If your photo/scan is not of high enough quality, we will request a better copy. Also, nothing on the document can be covered or censored.

A valid ID document can be:
  • Passport (Photo page only)
  • National ID Card
  • NZ Firearms License  (as long as it contains a photo)
In the majority of cases, verification takes 2 working days maximum. You can upload your document here.

If your ID is not accepted:
  • It may have some of the information covered. We need to see the full document photo page.
  • It may be expired. Please check that your document is still valid before you upload it. 
  • Your details may not match. Please check that you have entered your name and date of birth correctly on the website. 
  • We may also need the back of the document. If there is information on both sides, please make sure you upload both for us. 
  • It may be a document type that we can not accept. 
  • It may be in a format we can not accept, for example ID documents are not accepted in .PDF format. However, if this is the case, you can make a screenshot of the document, and upload that screenshot, as this will be in .jpg format, which we can accept. 

So that we can verify your address, we'll need you to upload a utility bill or bank statement that has been issued to your personal address within the last 3 months. To see all the requirements for your address proof document, please follow this link.

In the majority of cases, verification takes 2 working days maximum. You can upload your document here.

Please note - We cannot accept Driver’s Licences as a proof of ID for New Zealand. We can accept this as a proof of address.

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