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Your Membership Number - What's it for?

Your TransferWise membership number is very important in all your transfers. It helps us to quickly and easily identify your money once it's in our bank account. 

It's also very useful for us when speaking with you. We'll ask for it when you give us a call in order to find profile and give you any needed updates.

You can find it under your name in the top bar of your TransferWise profile once you're logged in. 

When you pay in US Dollars to TransferWise by domestic or international wire transfer, your membership number will be listed along with our US bank details as the reference.

Please be sure to include enter it when you set up the wire transfer on your online bank or ask your bank to include it when they make the transfer for you from your nearest branch. 

If this is done, we'll be able to identify your money when it arrives to our US bank account and link it to the transfer set up on your TransferWise profile. 

If you forget to enter your reference number or if you think it may not have been correctly forwarded to us by your bank, please let us know. We can manually identify your money in our account using a proof of pay in document. 

Good to know
  • When paying by ACH bank debit, it's not necessary to include your membership number at any point. 
  • If you are sending another one of our supported currencies from overseas, we'll ask you to include your membership number with your local bank transfer to our account in that country. 
  • If you're sending Swiss Francs, the reference (your membership number) we ask you to include with your bank transfer will begin with "TWSCHO" instead of "P". 
  • If you're sending Japanese Yen, there may not be a field to enter your membership number. In such a case you can enter it in the Sender Name (名義人) field.

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