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How to Request Money

Request Money is a feature where you can select a currency and amount you would like to receive. This creates a link which you can then send to the person you want to receive money from. Your sender can pay via bank transfer or card payment in one of our accepted sender currencies

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Available Currencies
Currency Can I receive this currency? Can my payer pay from this currency? Maximum that can be requested
AED Yes No 50,000
AUD Yes No 20,000
BGN Yes Yes 25,000
BRL Yes No 55,000
CAD Yes No 20,000
CHF Yes Yes 15,000
CZK Yes Yes 350,000
DKK Yes No 100,000
EUR Yes Yes 60,000
GBP Yes Yes 50,000
GEL Yes No 35,000
HKD Yes No 110,000
HRK Yes Yes 400,000
HUF Yes Yes 4,000,000
MAD Yes No 140,000
MXN Yes No 260,000
MYR Yes No 60,000
NOK Yes No 120,000
NZD Yes No 20,000
PKR Yes No 1,500,000
PHP Yes No 480,000
PLN Yes Yes 57,000
RON Yes Yes 60,000
SGD Yes No 20,000
SEK Yes No 120,000
USD Yes No 28,000

We cannot accept the following currencies as either Sender or Recipient for the following currencies for Request Money transfers: BDT, CNY, COP, IDR, INR, JPY, KES, KRW, LKR, RUB, THB, TRY, UAH, VND, ZAR.

And in case you're making or paying a request for a business, you can see information about restricted businesses here.

How to create a request

- On the top of your Profile page, click on 'Request Money'
- You'll be taken to your Requests page, where you can click 'Create new request'
- You can then enter - the amount you'd like, the currency you'd like it in, a reference for your payer, and the bank account you'd like it paid to.
- Hit 'Create' and you'll be given your request link. This can be used multiple times by multiple different people.


Information for the requester

To access the request feature, you will need to have your profile completed.  You can find the request money feature on the right hand side of your account page. When creating a request you will need to enter
  • Amount you want to receive (limits above)
  • A short reference (which will appear on your bank statement)
  • The details (or select if it's already saved on your profile) the bank account you wish to be paid into 
If the requested amount is in your currency (e.g. £100 into a UK account), the payer covers the TransferWise fee. This means that they will pay the amount of the currency that they are sending plus the fee that we need to convert this to £100.

If the requested amount is in your payer’s currency (e.g. €100 into a UK account), you cover the fee since they'll pay the exact amount. They will pay €100 and we will deduct the fee before converting this to pounds and then we will send this to your account.

Once you've entered the above information, click on 'Create' and a link will be generated for you to copy and share.

Once created, this link can be shared multiple times and you can use one pay link to receive many different payments of that amount. The link itself will not expire, but once your payer accepts, they have 48 hours to pay in to TransferWise before the transfer will expire. 

Your payer will receive an email when the payment was successful and you will receive an email when the money is on its way to you.

You can see the full terms of use for a requester here.


Information for the Payer

If someone has sent you a request link, you can pay them in just a few simple steps either by bank transfer, or via a card payment. 

When you click on the link, make sure you recognise the person/company that is requesting money from you. If you don’t recognise the person/company, please use the report button that comes when you press on the payment link, or let us know by getting in touch.

If you already have a TransferWise account then you can simply log in to your existing account and continue making your payment from there. If you are not an existing TransferWise user, you will be prompted to create an account.

Occasionally TransferWise needs to verify the money sender, and you will be notified if this is the case.

You'll need to pay in to TransferWise within 48 hours of accepting the link otherwise the transfer will be automatically cancelled. If this happens, you can restart the transfer by simply clicking on the link again.

If you pay for a request in the same currency which has been requested (e.g. GBP to GBP, EUR to EUR etc), then the fee will be:
  • GBP: 50p
  • EUR: 0.6€
  • CHF: 1Fr.
  • PLN: 2.50zł
  • HUF: 209Ft.
  • CZK: 15.80Kč​
  • BGN: 1.20лв
  • RON: 5lei

Please note - you can only pay a request as a business, from a business account or card, if you already have a verified business profile with TransferWise. To learn how to create a business profile, you can read more information here

You can see the full terms of use for a payer here.

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