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CAD Transfers

Here you'll find everything you need to know about sending to and from Canadian Dollars. 

Please note that transfers from Canadian dollars are currently not available on mobile apps - only on the website.
You can still log in from the browser app on your mobile and set the transfer up from there.

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Sending to CAD
Basic Information   Notes
TransferWise Fee 0.5% When sending from currencies with a different fee, the higher charge applies
Delivery time* 1-3 working days *After payout. Please keep in mind that TransferWise can take up to two working days to convert your money after receiving it
Maximum amount (per transfer) 170,000 CAD  
Countries we can send to Canada only  
Additional Receiving Banking Fees None  
Required Details    
Recipient Full Name Yes Please include first name and surname. There is a 35 character limit, and please use only standard Latin letters (a-z)
Recipient Transit and Account Number Yes Transit number should be 5 digits and local account number should be a minimum of 7 digits (without spaces)
Recipient Institution Number Yes Institution number should be 3 digits
Amount Lock Transfers Yes The currency you're sending from must also be able to send fixed amounts. Please see our other currency FAQs more information
Reference sent with payment Via email only Reference is not sent along with the bank transfer, but is sent to the recipient in their confirmation email. Please be sure to enter the recipient's email address correctly when setting up your transfer to ensure this is received.


Sending from CAD

Basic Information   Notes
TransferWise fee $3 up to $350, 1% for amounts from $351-$9,500, and 0.7% on any amount above the initial $9,500 For transfers to GBP - Flat fee remains the same, on amounts from $351-$9,500 fee is 0.85%, and on the amount above the initial $9,500 the fee is 0.6%. When sending currencies with a higher fee, the higher fee always prevails as seen here
You can see the additional fees that apply to paying by Debit or Credit card here
Time for deposit to reach TransferWise* 2-4 working days* Depending on pay-in method. Direct debit will usually arrive to us within 2-3 days, SWIFT deposits usually take up to 3. Please note: TransferWise usually only receives deposits within UK working hours (9-5 UK time Mon-Fri) so with SWIFT, time difference between the sending and receiving country can affect the delivery time. 
Maximum amount CAD direct debit 9,500 CAD per 24 hours for Direct Debit transfers There is also a bi-weekly limit of 30,000 CAD for direct debit transfers. SWIFT available for larger payments.
Maximum amount for Credit and Debit Cards 500 CAD per transfer  
How to send money Direct Debit, SWIFT, Credit or Debit Card SWIFT is available for payments outside Canada. More information on each depositing method can be found by clicking the links to the left.
Additional sending fees When sending a SWIFT payment your bank is likely to charge extra fees Typically these fees are $15-30, but vary depending on your sending bank. You can check with them to find out their standard fee for SWIFT transfers. For more information, please see our SWIFT FAQ here.
Required Details    
Sender occupation Yes If your profile address is based in Canada we will ask for your occupation, which can be selected in a drop-down menu.
ID verification Yes When you make transfers from Canada in CAD, we might ask you to upload a certified ID copy. This should be a legible photocopy of your ID document including a signed certification by a guarantor.
Amount Lock Transfers No  
Guaranteed Rate Yes You'll receive a guaranteed rate, lasting 24 working hours (1 working day) when transferring to AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP and USD.
Business payments Yes* Via direct debit, we can not accept payments from business accounts sending us Canadian dollars. We can only accept money from Canadian businesses when sent to us by SWIFT bank transfer or paid by Debit or Credit card


CAD Refunds

If you cancel your transfer from CAD after your money has arrived to TransferWise (if you paid using one of the payment methods listed above), and before it has been sent out, then we can simply refund your money back to you. See what is required to complete the refund for your payment method below.

Direct Debit Transfer

Direct Debit refunds are automatic, so we don't need any details from you.

As soon as your money arrives to us, we can simply send it back to the account it came from. 

It should then take 2 working days maximum to arrive back into your account.

SWIFT International Transfer

If you wish to cancel a transfer that you've paid for by making a SWIFT bank transfer to us, we need the following details to send your money back to you:

- Account holder name
- Bank code (BIC/SWIFT)

The refund will then take 5 working days maximum to arrive back into your sending account.


Additional note

When sending to CAD from AUD (Australian Dollars), a recipient address is requested and is mandatory.

TransferWise Canada Inc. is registered in Canada with the Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Centre of Canada ("FINTRAC"). FINTRAC registration number M15193392, registered as a money service business and able to provide foreign exchange dealings and money transfer services to customers resident in Canada.

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