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Transferring More Than 34,000 USD to the US

Transfers more than the real, US Dollar equivalent of 24,000 British Pounds (approximately 29,000 USD) are sent out to the United States using the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) from our partner bank in Europe. 

Transfers less than the equivalent of 24,000 GBP are sent out by one of TransferWise's partner banks in the US by electronic, ACH transfer. 

Though transfer process is very similar whether the money is sent out via SWIFT or ACH (both arrive within 1-2 working days once paid out to your recipient) there are just a few key differences.

Additional fee for your recipient:

SWIFT: To reach your recipient's bank account, the transfer must pass through intermediary banks. They will charge processing fees - no more than $15 total in 90% of cases. 

ACH: None. US banks won't charge a fee to receive this kind of transfer from our bank. 

Required Recipient account details 

If you set up a transfer on your TransferWise profile for over the USD equivalent of 24,000 GBP, we will automatically ask for your recipient bank's SWIFT details.  
   Swift Transfer  ACH transfer
Full account name 18 characters max 18 characters max
Account number  5-17 digits  5 digits min, 10 digits max
Bank code SWIFT code: 8-11 digits ACH routing number: 9 digits 
Reference  10 characters max  5 characters min, 10 characters max
Recipient's address Not required  Country, city, street, postal code - no PO box
Refund speed (refunds  
only possible before
money is paid out to
your recipient)
1-3 working days  1-3 working days 
Specific amount delivered 
to your recipient 
Not possible because
of SWIFT fees 
Possible. For more information, click here

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