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My SSN Isn't Being Accepted

If your Social Security Number (SSN) isn't being accepted, please try the following. 

Don't have a Social Security Number? Please click here

1. Check that your name and date of birth on TransferWise is given exactly how it's shown on your Social Security Card

- If you're transferring for the first time, you can edit your name and date of birth in your account settings page

- If you've transferred before, please provide us with your photo ID so we can change these details for you. Read more by clicking here

Once all your information matches, please try to enter your SSN once more. 

2. If all your information given on TransferWise matches your social security card, and our system still won't accept your number, you can click "Show options for non-US citizens"

Then click "My Social Security Number isn't being accepted"

You'll then be given the option to upload a US or non-US photo ID. We'll verify it in place of your SSN within two working days. 

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