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Switching Between Your Business / Personal Profile

It's important to select the correct sender of each of your transfers - either you or your business. As soon as your business profile is set up, you can switch between it and your personal profile as shown below.  

On TransferWise.Com

Skip to Android App or iPhone App

Once you've logged into, you can switch between your personal and business profile by clicking your name or your company's name at the top-right corner of your profile. The animation below shows how. 

Android​ app

Simply tap the three, vertical dots at the top-right corner your TransferWise app and select you or your business's name. 


iPhone app

First go to your profile page from the menu along the bottom of the screen and select "Settings".

On the "Settings" menu, you can turn on the switch next to "Send as business". Don't forget to switch this off once you have completed your business payment.


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