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Browser issues and solutions

As with any website, you'll sometimes experience technical issues when using TransferWise. Frequently, there will be a simple fix for the problem you're having, and we've tried to cover all of these below.

The most basic problem you may encounter could be down to the browser you're using. We'd encourage using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as TransferWise performs best with these.

The next solutions for basic website issues are enabling cookies and clearing your cache. If these don't work, we'd recommend switching to incognito mode (aka private browsing) as this may provide a solution.

If these don't fix your problem, it's possible there is a bug in our website. The most effective way to solve this is by you opening the console and taking a screenshot. If you send this to us, it means that we can find the root of the issue, get to work right away on fixing this, and keep you updated with the progress.

Occasionally ad-blocker extensions or anti-virus software can cause issues with how our page is displayed. If you are seeing issues particularly around the card payment page then it can be worth disabling your ad-block software and attempting the transfer again. 

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