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Verification for JPY Transfers

We need to verify your identity before you make a transfer from Japan in Japanese Yen (JPY). It’s how we keep your money safe, and comply with regulations in Japan.

We’ll verify your ID the first time you send money. And we’ll verify your address the first time you send a larger amount of money. When you set up a transfer, we’ll let you know what kind of verification we need. It depends on the amount of money you send.

Sending up to 100,000 JPY

Here’s what you’ll need to share in order to get verified the first time you send up to 100,000 JPY. 

1. My Number card: a scan or photo of both sides.


2. My Number document + ID: If you only have a My Number document, we’ll need to see both sides of it, and a scan or photo of your photo ID, too. It should show the same address you use on your TransferWise profile.

The My Number document should be issued within 6 months, and can be:
  • My Number notification slip
  • Juminhyo photo with My Number on it 

The photo ID can be:
  • Japanese Residence Card 
  • Japanese driver’s licence
  • Juki Card
  • Japanese passport (photo page + address page with registered address)

Sending over 100,000 JPY

The first time you send more than 100,000 JPY, we’ll verify your address in addition to your ID/My Number card.

Address verification: a letter with a 4-digit activation code you can enter into your account. 

We work with a partner in Japan to send a letter to your Japanese address after your My Number documents are verified. It takes 2-5 working days for the letter to arrive.

Make sure the address is the same one you have listed on your TransferWise profile and ID card.

You need to sign for the letter when it arrives—only you can sign for it. If you’re not home, they’ll leave a slip so that you can book redelivery. There’s a phone line for non-Japanese speakers, too.

Once you receive the letter, just log in to TransferWise and enter the activation code.

Verification can take up to three working days. If you’ve already set up your transfer, we’ll automatically continue it.

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