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Verification for JPY Transfers

If you wish to make a transfer from Japan in Japanese Yen, we'll need to confirm your individual My Number, and ID first. 

If your first payment is over 100,000 Japanese Yen or you need to make a second payment, we will also need to confirm your address in Japan.

You can see the requirements and process below.
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Accepted My Number documents
  • My Number card (With My Number card, you can skip uploading IDs)
  • My Number notification card 
  • Juminhyo with My Number on it 
If you are currently living outside of Japan and don’t yet have a My Number document, then please see below for further instructions. 

Accepted ID documents

We need to see your both sides of your document, including your current Japanese address. Please send us both sides of your ID card, even if the reverse side is empty. 
  • Japanese Residence Card 
  • Japanese driver’s licence
  • Juki Card 
Alternatively, you can send us the photo and address pages of your Japanese Passport.

Declaration Letter for Japanese Non-Resident 

If you are a Japanese non-resident living abroad, and you didn't declare that you are non-resident while using the verification wizard, then please get in touch with us. You can find our contact details here.

ID Confirmation Process

You'll need to upload the required documents either during the transfer creation process, or via our secure upload link. On the document, we need to see your most recent address on the back, either printed, or handwritten. 

Address Confirmation Process

Please make sure your address on your TransferWise profile is your correct, up-to-date postal address in Japan. This should also be shown on your ID document, as mentioned above.

You'll be sent a letter by our partner in Japan, to your Japanese address, which will take 2-5 working days to arrive. 

Enclosed in the letter will be a 4 digit security code, which you'll need to enter on your TransferWise profile page.

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