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ACH Speed Code

In most cases when you pay for your transfer with ACH Bank Debit, we receive your money within one working day. However, it can occasionally take up to 4 working days depending on your bank.

In some of these cases, it is possible to speed things up using a 4 digit 'speed code'. This will appear on your bank statement when the money is debited from your account by TransferWise.

The code will be 'TransferWise' followed by a # and a 4 character reference. You will be able to enter this on your TransferWise account page or the transfer details page as shown below. 

Once you have entered this code and pressed 'speed up my transfer', we will be able to pay out your money to your recipient even more quickly. 


Good to know:

  • This code is not necessary for your transfer to be completed. Without it, your transfer will continue like normal. This code is only to make it a little quicker!
  • This code will not be available for all transfers made by ACH debit. The majority of transfers will not see this option, as they will be done within 2 business days anyway.
  • You can't currently enter the code via our apps, this can only be done on a normal browser.


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