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COP - Filling in the Form

If you are sending money to COP, your recipient will be asked to fill in the form below. This is required only once per year, per recipient. 

Below this form is a list of the details that need to be entered on the form to correspond to the numbers on the image. All fields are mandatory unless they don't apply to you. 

Please note that the form must be filled out in Spanish.



Recipient's Basic Information
1. First and middle names
2. Last name(s)
3. Place of birth
4. Legal representative (if recipient is a Company)
5. ID number
6. City
7. Legal representative’s address
8. Legal representative’s phone number

Sender's Basic Information
9. Sender’s name
10. Sender’s last name
11. ID number
12. Place of issue
13. Civil status

Recipient's Residence Information
14. Recipient’s address
15. Neighborhood
16. Estrato (only for Colombia based recipients)
17. Phone number
18. City of residence
19. Country of residence

Recipient’s Professional Information
20. Profession/occupation
21. Employee or employer/sole trader
22. Position in the company/business
23. Main economic activity
24. Name of the company/business
25. Address of the company/business
26. Phone number
27. Fax number

Recipient’s Economic Information
28. Combined value of assets
29. Obligations towards third parties, or debts
30. Income
31. Expenses
32. Other income
33. Non-transactional income
34. Specify source of other income
35. Specify source of non-transactional income
36. Currency used
37. Specify if recipient does transactions in foreign currency (other than COP)
Info about the bank account in that currency
38. Business type: Private, Public or Mixed (only for businesses)

Recipient Account and Transfer Information
39. Full name as on recipient bank account
40. Account type: Checking (corriente) or Savings (ahorros)
41. Account number
42. Bank name
43. City where bank branch is located
44. Purpose of the transfer
  • GF = Family expenses 
  • AH = Savings
  • RD = Gift/Donation
  • ES = Study expenses
  • TU = Leisure expenses
  • CV = Property purchase
  • PA = Visa
  • DE = Debt
  • Otro = Other purpose

45. Purpose of the incoming transaction
46. Source of funds
  • PO = Liabilities
  • AH = Savings
  • HS = Salary/Professional fees
  • NE = Business
  • AF = Family help
  • Otro = Other source of funds

47. Date
48. Signature
49. Fingerprint

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