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BRL: Power of Attorney ('Procuração')

For some payments to Brazilian Real (BRL), especially if you exceed the limits set by the Brazilian Government, the bank in Brazil may request a power of attorney document ('Procuração' in Brazilian-Portuguese) and a registration form (Ficha Cadastral) to be completed. This will be requested from the recipient.

If needed, either us or the bank in Brazil will contact either the recipient or the sender of the payment, whichever is required. As this is the case, please make absolutely sure that both the phone number on your TransferWise profile and the recipient's phone number you enter when creating the payment are 100% correct. You can download that here.

When a power of attorney request is made, a form provided by the bank will need to be completed, and certain documents will be requested. Exactly what information is required may vary, but will be made clear at the time the request is made. As a rule of thumb though, usually at least two proofs of ID and one proof of address are required. You can download that here.


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