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Payer Terms of Use

These terms apply if you are using our Payment Request Link feature. The standard TransferWise standard Terms of Use, which include our Privacy Policy also apply. 
  1. Using the Service

    1. This Service enables people to request payments from you to be received in their local currency. They - the "Payment Requester" - do that by generating a "Payment Request" link through us which they send to you. They input all the data: the reason for the request, the amount, their identity etc. We have no involvement in determining the content of the request.

    2. Before making a payment in response to a Payment Request, CHECK CAREFULLY that:
      1. ​the Payment Request is genuine and valid - that you want to pay the Payment Requester

      2. the payment amount is correct - that you want to pay or are obliged to pay in full the amount shown

      3. the Payment Requester is the correct person or business requesting payment from you.

    3. Once you have authorized the payment, we will treat any information in the Payment Request as if that information was directly provided by you.

    4. [PLEASE NOTE we have no way of checking whether the Payment Request is genuine or if the amount they are requesting is correct and properly owed to them by you.] It is your responsibility to ensure that the Payment Requester is someone you know and expecting a payment from you. We are not in a position to get involved in any underlying commercial disputes that may exist or arise.

    5. If you are unsure, do not proceed with the transaction - contact us at or the Payment Requester directly.

    6. Payments made via the Service are irreversible once funds have been credited to the Payment Requester. If you later require the payment to be reversed, you must contact the Payment Requester directly to ask for a refund - we are not responsible for and cannot help facilitate any payment reversal.

    7. Do report any abuse of the service to

    8. Information on payment status, transaction history, fees and other information can be accessed via your User Profile (see below).

    9. You may need to have your identity authenticated for legal reasons - see below.

    10. Fees relating to the payment will be visible to you before submitting the payment.

  2. User Profile - When you sign up, you are creating a ‘User Profile’ unique to your email address. You must keep the login safe and not allow others to use your User Profile. TransferWise may use the contact details in your User Profile to contact you in relation to providing necessary product features, security procedures, and company updates. If you wish not to be contacted you can close your User Profile at any time. Please note that closing your User Profile prevents you from accessing your transaction history. Also, please ensure that you have separately saved all information you require before closing your User Profile.

  3. Identity Authentication - For legal reasons, we need to you to cooperate with all requests we may have to identify you, authenticate your identity and/or address, validate your funding sources or Transactions, etc., including asking for further documentation. TransferWise reserves the right to close, suspend, or limit access to your User Profile, cancel and refund pending payments, and/or TransferWise Services in the event we are unable to obtain or verify such information and/or are not satisfied that we hold sufficient information about you or that all information provided is correct and up to date. You authorize TransferWise to make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate your identity, comply with legal requirements, or to assess business risk. This may include asking you to take steps to confirm ownership of payment instruments or verifying your Information against third party/government databases or through other sources.


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