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How to Request Money

Request Money is a feature on your TransferWise profile that you can use to easily receive money from someone without any need for them to set up a transfer on their own profile. In many cases, this feature even makes same-currency transfers possible (see which currencies below). 

Simply click "Request money" from the drop-down menu next to "send money" at the top-right corner of your TransferWise profile. On the next page, click "create new request"

Once you've entered your bank details, you can send your request to a person or a company. Through the request, they can pay into TransferWise by bank transfer or card payment. We'll then make the transfer from our bank in your country to your account. 

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Available Currencies
Information for the Requester
Information for the Payer


Available Currencies

Currency Can I request this currency? Can I pay a request with this currency? Maximum that can be requested
per transfer
AED Yes No 50,000
AUD Yes No 20,000
BGN Yes Yes 25,000
BRL Yes No 55,000
CAD Yes No 20,000
CHF Yes Yes 15,000
CZK Yes Yes 350,000
DKK Yes No 100,000
EUR Yes Yes 60,000
GBP Yes Yes 50,000
GEL Yes No 35,000
HKD Yes No 110,000
HUF Yes Yes 4,000,000
MAD Yes No 140,000
MXN Yes No 260,000
MYR Yes No 60,000
NOK Yes No 120,000
NZD Yes No 20,000
PKR Yes No 1,500,000
PHP Yes No 480,000
PLN Yes Yes 57,000
RON Yes No 60,000
SGD Yes No 20,000
SEK Yes No 120,000
USD Yes No 28,000
Unavailable Currencies

We cannot accept the following currencies as either Sender or Recipient for the following currencies for Request Money transfers: BDT, CNY, COP, IDR, INR, JPY, KRW, LKR, RUB, THB, TRY, UAH, VND, ZAR.

Information for the Requester

When creating a request you will need to enter,
  • Amount you want to receive (limits above)
  • A short reference (which will appear on your bank statement)
  • The details of the account you want to be paid into (If this information isn't already saved on your profile). 
Once you've entered the above information, click on "Create". A unique link will be generated for you to copy and share.

Your payer will receive an email when they've successfully paid into TransferWise. You'll get one when the money is on its way to you.

If the requested amount is in your currency (e.g. £100 into a UK account), the payer covers the TransferWise fee. This means that they will pay the amount of the currency that they are sending plus the fee that we need to convert this to £100.

If the requested amount is in your payer’s currency (e.g. €100 into a UK account), you cover the fee since they'll pay the exact amount. They will pay €100 and we will deduct the fee before converting this to pounds and then we will send this to your account.

You can see the full terms of use for a requester here.


Information for the Payer

If someone has sent you a request link, you can pay them in just a few simple steps. 

Firstly, when you click on the link, please make sure you recognize the person/company that is requesting money from you. If they aren't familiar, please use the report button to let us know. Or, just email us at 

If the link is invalid, please notify the person/company requesting the link and ask them to create another one.

After you click the link, you'll be guided to set up a TransferWise profile (done in just a minute or two) before paying. If you already have a profile, simply login and continue on to paying the request. 

You can pay by bank transfer or using your debit/credit card in some currencies. We'll confirm by email as soon as your money arrives to us. We can then convert it (if necessary) and send it on to your requester's bank account. 

Occasionally TransferWise needs to verify the requester before the transfer can be completed. We'll notify you if this is the case. 

Please note that you cannot pay a Request Money link in USD and so if you are paying for a request, it's currently not available in the United States.

You can see the full terms of use for a payer here.

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