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Transfers to and from Singapore Dollars

TransferWise can both send and recieve Singapore Dollars (SGD) to bank accounts located in Singapore.

For more information and to get started with your first transfer, click here!

Sending to SGD

Basic Information   Notes
TransferWise Fee 0.5% When sending from currencies with a different fee, the higher charge applies. For information about the fee when transferring from USD to SGD, please see this page
Delivery time* 0-1 working days *After payout. Please keep in mind that TransferWise can take up to two working days to convert your money after we receive it. 
Maximum payment (per transfer) 78,000SGD  
Countries we can send to Singapore only  
Additional Receiving Banking Fees None  
Required Details    
Recipient Full Name Yes When sending to individuals, please include first and last name. There is a 35 character limit, and please use only standard Latin letters (a-z).
Recipient Local Account Number Yes SGD Local Account number should be 7-11 digits. First 3 digits can be branch code.
Recipient Bank code Yes Bank code should be 4 digits
Fixed/specific amount Yes The currency you're sending from must also be able to send fixed amounts. More information here.
Transfers to an email address Yes Except when transferring from USD. For more information, please click here


Sending from SGD
Basic Information   Notes
TransferWise fee 0.5% (or 6 SGD for transfers under 1200 SGD) Please note - When sending to currencies with a different fee, the higher charge applies.
Time for deposit to reach TransferWise* 0-1 working day Please note: TransferWise usually only receives deposits within UK working hours (9-5 UK time Mon-Fri)
How to send money Local bank transfer Please note: If you're sending from a joint account in Singapore, both account holders will need a TransferWise profile and need to be verified.
Additional sending fees No  
Fixed/specific amount (in) Yes The currency you're sending to must also be able to receive fixed amounts. Please see our other currency FAQ's for more information
Business transfers No  
Transfers via app No  
Face to Face Verification Yes You'll need to be verified in person in our Singapore office prior to your first transfer*

*Unfortunately, our office in Singapore is temporarily closed as we make some changes to our verification process, so we're unable to verify new customers at the moment. 

We intend to re-open on February 27th, and will keep you updated here if there are any changes. We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

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