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Domestic Wire Transfer

Domestic Wire transfer to TransferWise's US bank is the quickest way for us to receive your money. Using it, you can send up to $49,999 per transfer. See how below! 

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How to Pay by Domestic Wire Transfer 

To pay via wire transfer, select the "wire transfer" tab in the final step of setting up a transfer on your TransferWise profile, "How would you like to pay?". Then, simply click on your bank. If yours doesn't appear, click "all other banks"

You will then be given the details of TransferWise's US bank account.  

To make the transfer, login to your online banking separately and create a domestic transfer to our details. If you prefer, your bank can do it for you at their nearest branch.

Instructions on how to wire money from major US online banks can be found on this page

Basic Information 

General Availability  Cannot be used to transfer USD from accounts outside
the United States. You can do this via SWIFT international
Availability from Banks Most US banks are able to make wire transfers
Speed  It takes 1 working day maximum for your
money to reach TransferWise
Bank fees  Your bank will charge you a fee to make a wire transfer
This depends on the bank, but is usually from 15-25 Dollars

To get around bank fees, try ACH bank debit
per transfer
Exchange rate  Locked in if we receive your money in time! 
More information here
Extra note  We'll require your recipient's residential address in
addition to their bank details
Refunds  More information here

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