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ACH Bank Debit

ACH bank debit is a great way to avoid bank fees! You can use this payment method to transfer up to 10,000 US Dollars per transfer or per 24-hour period.

Simply enter your US bank details on the last step of setting up a transfer on your TransferWise profile to connect with your bank. This will initiate a secure, one-time debit of the requested amount from your account. Read more below! 

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How to pay using Bank Debit (ACH) 

Once you've chosen the Bank Debit (ACH) as your payment method, you'll see the images below. Simply choose your bank by clicking on its logo. If it's not on the list, choose "All other banks". 

A) If you choose your bank from the list, a popup window will allow you to log in. 

For example: 

A.B) If you have more than one account with the same logins, you can easily choose between them once the details have been entered

B) If your bank is not in the list, simply click on the "All other banks". You'll be redirected here:

C) If you have made a previous successful Bank Debit (ACH), you'll see a screen with already saved details. To use a different account click on "Use another account". 

Basic information about ACH direct debit. 

General availability  Can only be used if you have a bank 
account inside the United States. 
Availability from banks  Most banks support ACH direct debit 
as it's how many companies pay their 
employees. To be sure, please check with
your bank. 
Speed It will take 1-4 working days for your money 
to reach our US account. In the majority of cases,
your money arrives to us within 1-2 days. 
Maximum per payment $10,000 per transfer or per 24 hour period. Larger
amounts can be sent through domestic wire transfer.
Exchange rate  Locked in if you successfully initiate the direct debit 
within 24 hours after setting up your transfer - more 
information here

Please note: TransferWise takes security extremely seriously and operates within data usage regulations. Your data is kept secure - your Login details are not saved, visible to us at TransferWise, or manually accessible in any capacity. They are only used to automatically connect with your bank and verify your account.

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