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How Will TransferWise Contact Me?

When you pay money in to TransferWise by domestic wire transfer,  SWIFT international transfer or Debit/Credit card payment, you'll get the following emails from us during the transfer process:

1. When you finish setting up your transfer on you TransferWise profile (after you've clicked "I've sent the money" or confirmed your card payment)

2. When we receive your money 

3. When your money has been paid out to your recipient** 

If you use the ACH bank debit method to pay, you'll receive two automatic emails from us during the transfer process. 

1. When you've successfully initiated the ACH Debit, meaning your money is on it's way to TransferWise. 

2. When your money has been paid out to your recipient**

You will see "funds cleared" as the status of your transfer as soon as your money has arrived to us. This can take 1-4 working days. 

**This e-mail confirms that your money has been paid to the recipient details provided to us. This is not confirmation that the money has arrived in your recipient's account. To check how long delivery will take, please see this page

We will also contact you primarily via email or potentially by phone in case there are any issues. Please make sure that your email address and the phone number on your profile are correct.

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