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Incompatible Bank Accounts / Currencies

There are a few types of bank accounts that can't be used to pay in money to TransferWise, unfortunately.

These include, but are not limited to:

- Brokerage accounts
- Estate accounts
- Stripe Accounts
- PayPal Accounts
- Skrill Accounts
- Contis Group Accounts
- Card One Banking

Essentially, we cannot receive money from any bank account where your money will arrive to us bearing a third party's name instead of your own. If you're unsure about this, it's best to double check with the bank/company under which the account is held. 

Also, we cannot support transfers to or from Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency - directly or indirectly. We can only transfer the currencies listed here

Finally, we cannot accept transfers from trusts located in the United States, Australia or New Zealand. 

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