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Text Guide: Creating a Transfer

Set up a transfer on your TransferWise profile 

1. Begin by entering the amounts and currencies you want to send in the TransferWise calculator on our home page or in the one shown when you click "send money" once signed into your TransferWise profile. Then, click "continue".

2. On step 2 of 5, select who will be the sender of your money - you or your business. Click "continue"

3. The next step, "Who are you sending money to?", will ask for your recipient's bank account details. Enter them and click "continue"

4. Confirm your social security number and upload any verification documents we request. Once uploaded, the will be confirmed within two working days. 

5. Once you've reached step 5 of 5, you can chose how you'd like to pay your money into TransferWise.
You can pay by,

-  ACH bank debit 
- Wire transfer to our US bank account
SWIFT bank transfer to our International account 

Your part is finished. 

Currency Conversion 

Your money is converted at the real exchange rate shown on sites like and

Money paid out 

Your money is paid out to your recipient. That might be a person, company or your own, overseas account.

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