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How Can I Repeat a Payment?

If you've made a transfer from US Dollars before and want to repeat it without starting again from scratch, you can do so by clicking the "repeat transfer" button found in three different places on your TransferWise profile. 

  • From your main TransferWise profile page -  When you are logged in to your TransferWise profile, click on the transfer you wish to repeat. You can then simply click the 'repeat transfer' button. You'll have a chance to review all the details before you confirm the transfer and pay.
  • From the transfer page of a completed transfer - click 'repeat this transfer' in the top right hand corner.

  • From a payment confirmation page - you can access the transfer status page from the link in the email we send you when a transfer has been completed. Just click 'repeat this transfer' in the top right hand corner when you reach the transfer status page.

This will create a payment with exactly the same details as your previous transfer. This time, though, the current exchange rate will be applied. 

For more information on the exchange rate you will receive, please see this page.


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