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Troubleshooting: What's the Hold-Up?

We will always give you an estimated delivery time for every transfer you set up. Though the majority of transfers will be completed within this time, please be aware of reasons below that may account for a small delay. 

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Your unique reference was not included with your wire or swift transfer
The money was paid into TransferWise from a bank account not in you or your company's name
Required verification is not complete 
Money sent, but not yet arrive to recipient

1) Your money hasn't arrived to TransferWise yet

- If you have paid money in to TransferWise using the ACH bank debit, it can take 1-4 working days for it to reach our account even after the amount leaves your bank balance.

- If you've paid into TransferWise by domestic wire transfer, it should take no more than 1 working days for your money to arrive to our account. We'll confirm by email when it does. 

- If you've paid your money into TransferWise by SWIFT transfer, it should take 3-5 working days to arrive to our account in Europe. We'll let you know by email as soon as it's with us. 


2) Your unique reference was not included with your wire or SWIFT transfer to our account

If you forgot to include your TransferWise reference (your TransferWise profile number beginning with a "P") please let us know so we can manually identify your money. We may need a proof of payment to do this. 


3) Money was paid into TransferWise from someone else's bank account

If this is the case, please let us know. We may need a proof of payment to identify the money if we haven't yet been able to do so. 

The name on the bank account from which the money was sent must match you or your company's name on TransferWise. We will fully refund the money if we cannot confirm a match.


4) Required verification is not complete 

If we need to confirm your identity or your business, we will let you know when you set up your transfer or via email soon after. 

We'll let you know by email as soon as verification is complete.In the majority of cases, it takes no more than 2 working days

It's possible to get at least the most common checks done ahead of time. For more information, please see this page.
5) The money has been paid out, but has not arrive to your recipient yet ​ 

After we have paid out your converted money to your recipient, it will take some time for it to reach their bank account. Sometimes the recipient bank's internal processing can delay the transfer. 

Feel free to check estimated delivery times for each currency we support here

If you feel that your transfer is taking too long, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team. 

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