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9 Things to Know Before Transferring

1. TransferWise can only be used for money transfers involving a currency conversion. It can't be used to transfer US Dollars to another US Dollars bank account, for instance. 

No cash or checks please. TransferWise can't send or receive them. 

3. TransferWise can only send US Dollars to bank accounts located within the 50 United States. We can receive USD from all over the world by SWIFT transfer

4. Please use correct details on your profile. When you set up your TransferWise profile, please use your real name, home address, active phone number and your active email address through which we can easily reach you about your transfers if needed.

5. E
ach person can have only one TransferWise profileEach user can have only one TransferWise profile unless otherwise explicitly permitted by our support team. Your profile can be used to send from any currency you wish, you will not need a separate profile for sending money from bank accounts in different countries. If you have two businesses and need a second one, please let us know. 

6. Please pay using your own bank account. The name on the bank account used to pay into TransferWise has to match you or your business's name on TransferWise.

If you have multiple transfers set up for the same amount of money on your TransferWise profile, but only send one wire transfer to our account, we will link your money to the transfer that was set up first (the oldest one). If you do wish to complete only one transfer, then it's best to cancel all other transfers so that we know which one you wish to continue with.

7. We cannot store your money for you or hold it for an extended period of time

8. Your recipient doesn't need to have a TransferWise profile to receive a transfer from you. All they need is a registered bank in one of our supported currencies

9. At some stage, your identity has to be confirmedAs a financial institution, we have to know who's sending money with us (for everyone's safety).  More information here >>

If you have other questions, please see other articles in our support center or get in touch with us - we're very happy to help!


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