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Verification for CAD transfers

We need to verify your identity before you send $1,000 CAD or more when you live in Canada.

That means we'll ask to verify you if:
  • Your transfer is $1,000 CAD or more, or all of your transfers in 24 hours add up to $1,000 CAD or more.
  • You're sending CAD from your bank account or CAD balance.
  • You use a Canadian address for your TransferWise account.
We’ll ask for two different Canadian-issued documents to prove your identity. If you’re a Quebec resident, we’ll need a third document, too. Don’t worry ーwe’ll only ask you once.

Document 1

A bank or credit card statement that's:
  • Original, electronically-issued PDF downloaded from your bank’s website or app (no scans, photos, or screenshots).
  • A real statement 一 not a print-screen version of your account activity or screenshot of your online banking details.
  • Dated within the past month.
You can upload your statement here.

Document 2 

A PDF with the address on your TransferWise account, like:
  • Utility bill (gas, electric, water, cable/internet).
  • Mobile bill from an annual contract.
  • T4 statement.
  • CRA document.
  • Investment account Statement, like a Registered Retirement Savings Plan or Guaranteed Investment Certificate.
  • Record of Employment that’s Issued by the Canadian Government, not an employer.
  • Canada Pension Plan.
  • Mortgage or other loan statement.
All of these need to be dated within the past month unless they are issued annually.
You can upload your second document here.

Document 3 (Quebec residents only)

A government - issued photo ID, like:
  • Passport.
  • Driver's licence.
  • National identity card.
More on how to verify your ID here.

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