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Document certification for CAD

When you make transfers from Canada in Canadian Dollars, we might ask you to upload a certified ID copy when creating your transfer. This should be a legible photocopy of your ID document including a signed certification by a guarantor.

Your guarantor can write the information themselves, but in order to make it a little easier you can download our short form here that has all the spaces for the information to be filled in. 
The form can be downloaded in English here and in French here

What is a certified ID?

The method of ascertaining a person’s identity consists of obtaining an attestation from a commissioner of oaths in Canada, or a guarantor in Canada, that they have seen one of the following documents:
(a) passport
(b) driver’s licence
(c) national ID card
(d) Canadian permanent residence card

The certification must be produced on a legible photocopy of both sides of the document.
The person providing certification must ensure all the following details are included:
- their name, profession, address and signature (e.g. John Smith, medical doctor, address, signature)
- type and number of the document they are providing certification for (e.g. I certify the passport no. A12345)

The date of the certification is not important as long as the ID document that was certified is still valid. 

The certified copy will only be accepted if all the above mentioned details are included.

Ideally, this will all be on one page, but it will be accepted if it's on two pages as long as the signature of the commissioner or guarantor is on both pages.

This information is required in order to comply with our regulations in Canada. More information on this can be seen here.

According to our licensing, a guarantor is a person engaged in one of the following professions in Canada:
(a) dentist;
(b) medical doctor;
(c) chiropractor;
(d) judge;
(e) magistrate;
(f) lawyer;
(g) notary (in Quebec);
(h) notary public;
(i) optometrist;
(j) pharmacist;
(k) professional accountant (APA [Accredited Public Accountant], CA [Chartered Accountant], CGA [Certified General Accountant], CMA [Certified Management Accountant], PA [Public Accountant] or RPA [Registered Public Accountant]);
(l) professional engineer (P.Eng. [Professional Engineer, in a province other than Quebec] or Eng. [Engineer, in Quebec]);
(m) veterinarian.

In addition, the trusted guarantor must not be:
a) related to you; for example, a trusted referee cannot be your parent, child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin 
b) your spouse or partner 
c) someone who lives at your address
d) a person involved in the transaction or business requiring the certification. 

The trusted guarantor must see the original I.D. document, and then make the statement that the documents provided are a true copy and represent the identity of the named individual. 

You can send us your copy of your certified document by uploading it here.

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