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Do I have to pay immediately?

Regardless of whether you're making a regular transfer, or topping up your Borderless account, we can only complete this once we've received your money. If you're in a hurry, you can set it up and pay later, no problem.

If you create multiple transfers, or top-ups, for the same amount - for example 1000€ - and then send us a single amount of 1000€ this would be assigned to the first transfer or top-up you created (it doesn't matter which of the two it is).

Please keep in mind though, that money won't be sent to your recipient or added to your Borderless account, until we receive it from you. 

If you wait to pay, your transfer or top-up will stay open for several days before it's cancelled. Don't worry though - there's no charge for this. You can just set up a new one when you're ready.


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