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Social Security Number Verification

When making a transfer from USD, you will be prompted to enter your US Social Security Number (SSN) for security purposes. This is a completely secure, one-time only verification and, once successfully verified, will not be asked again.

Once submitted, your SSN, as with all other private data submitted to us, is securely handled according to data protection regulations.

​The SSN check is required due to the way we are regulated in the US. If your SSN is not accepted, then you will also have an option to verify yourself via ID document.This can either be a US or non-US ID document, except in the case of ITIN's, where only a non-US document can be accepted. No transfers can be sent out until SSN or ID verification has been completed.

Please note: For security purposes, SSN verification is done automatically through the relevant page on our website. Please do not send copies of your social security card via email as we are not able to verify your SSN this way.

What is an SSN?

An SSN is a unique identification number assigned to every US Citizen, permanent resident and temporary working resident.

The number is 9 digits long and can be found on your social security card.

Please note: In some cases we may require additional documentation in addition to your SSN. If this is the case, you will be notified when it is needed.

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