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BRL - Filling in the forms

If you’re sending a transfer to BRL which is above one of the below limits (set by the Brazilian Government), our banking partner in Brazil will ask your recipient to complete two forms - a 'Procuração' (power of attorney) and a ‘Ficha Cadastral’ (registration form). If your transfer is to yourself, we’ll ask you to complete these forms.
  • $10,000 (US) per transfer
  • R$20,000 per month (last 30 days)
  • R$100,000 per transfer
  • R$200,000 per year (last 365 days)

Please ensure that your recipient’s phone number that you enter when creating your transfer is located in Brazil and is 100% correct and working.

Our partner will contact the recipient after your transfer has been converted and before they pay the money out. This is because the limits apply to all incoming international transfers, so even if your transfer is not over the limit, your recipient may have received previous transfers which now put them over one of the limits.

The procuração, which can be downloaded here, is an authorisation form which enables our partner to declare your transfer and complete the payout (it does not give our partner any ongoing power over you or your account).

They are likely to also request some documents with this form. Exactly what information is required may vary, but will be stated when they make the request. As a rule of thumb, usually at least two proofs of ID and one proof of address are required.

And the ficha cadastral, which can be downloaded here, registers your transfer and collects the date of it (it will not open an account for you with Rendimento). You can also fill out the form online here.

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