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Transfers from USD: SWIFT

Here's everything you need to know about sending USD via SWIFT. For sending other currencies via SWIFT, or for more information, please see here.

Basic Information   Notes
General availability Widely available Transfers in USD from within and outside the US.
Availability from banks Widely available Most banks should support SWIFT payments as it's the standard way to send money abroad
Time for your money to be cleared to TransferWise 1-3 working days* As SWIFT is an international payment it is the slowest way to send us money. It can occasionally take longer than the time specified, due to time difference between the sending and receiving country. 
Additional bank fee Yes Your bank will charge you a sending fee, and there will most likely be intermediate fees as your payment makes its way to our USD account in Europe. These intermediate fees are unfortunately unknown, but are normally around $25.
Required Details*   *In addition to the required details for the country you're sending to
Recipient's address Yes Must be a residential address and not a PO box address
Your US state and ZIP code (or full address for non-US residents) Yes -
SSN/ID Verification Yes An SSN is requested from every customer sending from the US. Failing this, you will also have the option to provide a US or non-US ID document (except in the case of ITIN's where a non-US document is required). If you do not have an SSN, you will be asked to provide a reason for this.
Transfers from within the US No Your address must be located outside of the US in order to make a SWIFT transfer to our account
Locked amount transfer No Due to unknown intermediate fees, even the fixed rate for 24 hours doesn't guarantee a fixed amount on SWIFT payments
Minimum/Maximum transfer size $4/$1 million  
Transfers to an email address No -
24 hour rate lock Yes For payments from USD, the exchange rate is fixed provided we receive your money within 24 hours from setting up your transfer. As SWIFT payments take time to reach us, most payments via SWIFT are converted at the live mid-market rate that applies after the 24 hour period has passed. 

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