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Transfer History Page - Statement

What is it?

You can review, filter by date, and download a file of all of your transfers from your Transfer History page. 

This page can also be found by going to or following the link above.

To download your statement, click “Export to CSV” at the top of the page. You can then import the text to an excel or office file for accounting purposes. This downloadable CSV contains extra details that aren’t displayed on the website.

The page contains the following data:

  • The date when you created the transfer.
  • The name of the recipient.
  • The current status of the transfer.
  • The amount you sent to us.
  • The fee we charged you.
  • The amount your recipient got after conversion.

When you click “Export to CSV” at the bottom of the page, you will get additional data:

  • The transfer identifier number, or 'transfer number'.
  • The time when you created the transfer.
  • The profile you used to create the transfer. This can be “business” or “personal”.
  • The status of your transfer (ie. 'transferred' or 'cancelled').
  • The currency you are sending money from, or 'Source currency'.
  • The amount you sent us.
  • The fee you paid.
  • The net amount received after the fee and conversion.
  • The 'Excess refund' - If you want to send an Amount Lock transfer to certain currencies, we ask for an amount lock deposit. After the transfer has been completed, we refund you the difference.
  • The currency of your recipient or 'Target currency'.
  • The exchange rate we used to convert the money.
  • The time and date when the exchange rate was set.
  • Payout time-  the time the funds were paid out to your recipient.
  • The name of your recipient.
  • The account number of your recipient.
  • Your reference if you used one.


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