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5 Things to Know Before Transferring

1) Send money from your own bank account or card – the name on the bank account or card that you pay from has to match your name on TransferWise. If you have a joint bank account, see here for more information. If you want to send from a business you represent, please see here.

Also, you can only pay by card from a few currencies right now. You can see them all, along with their fees here.

P.S. Each user can have only one TransferWise profile unless otherwise explicitly permitted by our support team. 

2) Sending your money – to pay for your transfer, you have to either make a local bank transfer to us or manually enter your card or bank account details in our system. This must be done every time you make a transfer.

If you have multiple transfers set up for the same amount of money on your TransferWise profile, but only send one bank transfer, we will link your money to the transfer that was set up first (the oldest one). If you do wish to complete only one transfer, then it's best to cancel all other transfers so that we know which one you wish to continue with.

3) Account verification – as a financial institution, we need to know who's making transfers with us. At some stage, sooner or later, your identity has to be verified. For this reason, when you create your profile, please use your real, full name (no nicknames or initials), real address, real phone number and an email through which we can easily reach you.

For more information about verification, please see here.

If you'd like to have your account verified ahead of time, please upload your ID and address documents and send a quick e-mail to let us know. We'll get this sorted for you as soon as possible to make your transfers smoother later on!

And you can always check your verification status in the future here.

4) Our currencies can only go to local accounts - If, for example, you're making a GBP to AUD transfer, the Australian Dollars can only be paid to a local Australian account in Australia. The same applies to all of our currencies - GBP can only go to British Pound accounts in the UK, EUR to any Euro account in a SEPA country, and so on.

If you'd like more information you can look at our supported countries and currencies.  

5) No cash or cheque – as a fully online business, we can’t accept or send out cash or cheques. You can use TransferWise to send money from a bank account to a bank account.  


For any additional issues or questions, please see the other articles in our Help Center or get in touch - We're happy to help!

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