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Transfers to an email address & TransferWise users

In case you don’t know your recipient bank details, or if they want to keep them private, in some cases you can make a transfer to an email address. This means that, instead of you entering their details, we send your recipient an email with instructions on how to provide their details themselves.

If your recipient is already a TransferWise user, they might like to be paid directly into their borderless balance. We offer bank details in GBP, USD, AUD, NZD, and EUR. When you enter their email address, their account details will be automatically filled, and you can proceed with the transfer as normal.

Please note - You cannot make transfers to an email address or a primary account when sending from BRL and USD, or if you are sending to PEN, BDT, COP, CNY, INR, LKR and UAH.

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Transfers to an email address

To setup a transfer to an email address, start creating your transfer via "send money" button. At the step 'Recipient', choose an option other than 'myself' when asked 'Who are you sending money to?'. Then, untick the box that says 'I know their bank details' (as shown below) so you can enter their email address instead. 

After this, make sure to send us your money. We'll send your recipient an email as soon as we have it. That email will contain a link where their bank details can be entered.

Once your recipient accepts the transfer, you will get another email notification from us. And when this is all done, we'll convert your money and send it to your recipient.

As with other transfers, we will also keep you updated via email. You can also see the transfer progress on your profile at any point (including when the email has been sent, and when your friend has activated
the transfer.)

Transfers to TransferWise users

Similar to the above example, when you select anything other than 'Myself' at the third step of transfer creation, you can untick the box which says you know your recipient's bank details and enter their name and email address.

This means your recipient is already a TransferWise user and would like to be paid into their Borderless account. You'll then be able to proceed with the transfer as normal.

First things first, your recipient needs to have a primary account nominated. This could be one of the main currencies with bank details, one that suits your payment. For example, to send Euros, your recipient's primary account must be his/her EUR balance.

How to nominate a primary account? Click here to find out.

Available currencies:

Transfers to email are currently available on all currencies and routes with the exception of sending money from BRL and USD, or sending money to BDTCOPCNYINR, LKR and UAH.

Please note:

  • When sending a transfer to an email address, you cannot apply a rate limit.
  • If the person you're sending money to doesn't accept the email transfer within 5 working days, we will refund your money back to the bank account it came from. This is because we can't hold money longer than 5 working days when making email transfers.
  • This feature is not currently available on our apps.


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