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Troubleshooting: Estimated delivery time

We'll provide an estimated delivery time for every transfer you set up. The majority of transfers will be completed in this time, but please be aware of the below reasons for a possible delay:

1) Required verification is not completed - if we need to verify your profile, we will let you know during the transfer set up or via email. Please make sure to use the correct email address on your profile. 

2) After we pay the transfer out to your recipient, it takes a few working days to reach their bank (for more info, please find the currency that you are sending to here). Please note that sometimes the recipient bank's internal processing can also delay the transfer. 

3) In rare cases, converting your money might take us up to 2 working days. Please be sure we complete all of our processes as fast as only possible, and carefully gather data on how long that takes to make our estimations more accurate. 

If you feel that your transfer is taking unusually long, please get in touch with our support team.

For more information on how long transfers take, please see here

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