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GBP Transfers

Here you'll find everything you need to know about sending to and from British Pounds.

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Payments to GBP

Basic Information   Notes
TransferWise Fee 0.5% When sending from currencies with a different fee, the higher charge applies.
Delivery time* Same working day *After payout. Please keep in mind that TransferWise can take up to two working days to convert your money after receiving it. Please also note that payments sent out after 5pm UK time may not arrive until the following working day, depending on the receiving bank. We are part of the faster payments network and therefore will not send out CHAPS payments. 
Maximum amount
(per transfer)
Countries we can send to UK only* *Including Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and Gibraltar. (providing account IBAN begins with GB. If your Gibraltar IBAN begins with GI, please use sort code and account number instead). 
Additional Receiving Banking Fees None  
Required Details    
Recipient Full Name Yes When sending to individuals, please include first name and surname
Recipient Account Number OR IBAN Yes Account number 8 numbers long, a UK IBAN should be 22 characters long (letters and numbers) and begin with GB
Recipient sort code OR SWIFT/BIC code Yes Sort code is 6 numbers, SWIFT/BIC code is 8-11 characters (letters and numbers)
Amount Lock Transfers Yes The currency you're sending from must also be able to send fixed amounts. Please see our other currency FAQs more information
Guaranteed Rate Yes You'll get a guaranteed rate when sending to GBP from most of our currencies (excluding BRL, CHF, and CZK). This will last for 24 or 48 hours depending on your sending currency. You can see more information in our guaranteed rate article.

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Payments from GBP

Please note: We cannot receive deposits from third party payment providers. Examples include: Monese, Payoneer, Stripe and Paypal.
Basic Information   Notes
TransferWise fee 0.5% (or £2 for under £400) Except when sending to currencies that we send out as SWIFT payments, where an additional £6 flat fee is charge in addition to the outlined fees.

If the fee is higher for the currency you are transferring, then the higher fee applies. 
Time for deposit to reach TransferWise 4 working hours Deposits from GBP are received 24/7. We are part of the faster payments network, so there is no need to send CHAPS payments.
How to send money Debit card*, Apple Pay or bank transfer *There is a limit of £2000 for debit cards. We cannot accept payments from cards issued in Gibraltar.
Additional sending fees No Providing the funds are sent from a standard (not offshore) UK GBP account
Guaranteed rate To most currencies (Excluding COP, RUB and TRY) Rather than determining the rate at the time of conversion, as with other currencies, the rate is guaranteed at the mid-market rate for 24 hours from the time you finish creating the transfer, on payments to most currencies. During the rate guarantee period, we may suspend/refund your transfer in the unlikely event of rate fluctuation of 5% or more. Please see our guaranteed exchange rate page for more information.  
Amount Lock Transfers Yes The currency you're sending to must also be able to receive fixed amounts, although almost all can. Please see our other currency FAQs for more information
Debit/Credit Card Payments Yes The limit per payment for GBP card payments is 2000 GBP. Paying by credit card carries an additional 0.3% fee.


GBP Refunds

Bank Transfer

In most cases, GBP bank transfer payments can be automatically refunded upon your request as long as we have your money and your transfer has not yet been completed.

The refund must be sent back to the account it came from. In case we do require your refund details, we will ask for the name on your account, your account number and your sort code. Your money will then be sent back to you and should arrive on the same working day.

Debit/Credit Card

Card payment refunds are an automatic process (but not instant). Once you cancel a transfer, your money will be sent back to the card you paid from. It can take up to 10 working days for it to reflect back on your card.

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