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Adding/Deleting Recipient Details

Adding or Deleting one of your stored recipients is a very simple process and you can see both below.

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Adding a Recipient

You can add a recipient by selecting 'Recipients' in the bar at the top of your screen, then choosing 'Add Recipient'. Fill in your recipient details and then hit Save, and your new recipient will be stored.

Unfortunately, recipient details can't be edited once they have been set up. The only option is to delete the recipient, and set it up again correctly.

Deleting a Recipient

You can delete a recipient by, again, selecting 'Recipients' in the bar at the top of your screen. Simply then select 'Delete' next to the recipient you want to delete and it will be removed from your profile.


I have already created a transfer with incorrect recipient details

If you have already created a transfer on the wrong recipient details, please contact us and we can modify these details for you. 


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