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Unique Membership Number

When sending money to TransferWise, please ensure that your "P" membership number (e.g. P123456) is included with the bank transfer.

This number is used to identify money that has been sent via bank transfer to TransferWise. It isn't forwarded to the final recipient of your transfer. 

  • Your P membership number is displayed for regular transfers. Each TransferWise account has a unique P membership number which won't change. It can be found by clicking your name in the top right of your account page, or the help button in the bottom right corner of the page. You can also find it in our app on your profile page.
  • If you're sending money to TransferWise from your Japanese Online Banking, you can include your Member Reference Number after your own name in the Sender Name (名義人) field.
When sending the money to TransferWise, your membership number should be entered in the "Reference/Message to Beneficiary" field on your bank's form. If your bank's reference field does not accept the number with the P included, please enter just the number, and then enter the full number, with the P, in any comments section they may have.

Often a bank will provide several fields with similar sounding names - do ask your bank which one will be visible to your recipient (ie. TransferWise).

What if my number isn't included?

If, for any reason, you think that your membership number might not have been correctly forwarded by the bank, or if you forget to include it, please send TransferWise support proof of transfer via email (

We'll use this proof to identify your money. This may take a little time though.

Proof can be a screenshot of your online banking or a picture or PDF of your bank statement showing:

  • Sending account holder’s name
  • Recipient name (Transferwise Ltd) and/or account number
  • Amount transferred
  • Date the transfer was made

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